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Sailor Song

Sailor Song

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Over the past 25 years Ken has written many shorter pieces, but only now brings his considerable powers once again to bear on a full scale undertaking. Sailor Song is a unique and powerful novel about America. Set in the near future, the story takes us to the Alaskan village of Kuinak, a rundown fishing community of DEAPS (Descendants of Early Aboriginal Peoples) and lower-48 refugees perched on the Western edge of history. It's a scene rich with characters.

Into their peculiar midst sails a mighty ship of last hopes loaded to the gunwales with a big bucks Hollywood film company. This famous studio/yacht has come north to film a classic children's book, The Sea Lion. Sailor Song is an epic novel that revolves around the question, "Does love make any sense at the end of the world?" It's about things that endure and come around again - back at you and back to you.

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